Refresh Your Students’ Math Skills with Learn360’s STEAM Topic Centers

Refresh Your Students’ Math Skills with Learn360’s STEAM Topic Centers

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Over the summer months, many students tend to lose the achievement gains they made during the school year. Learn360’s new Topic Centers enhance discoverability and support educators in lesson planning. Whether your students are just developing their numeracy skills or are striving to broaden their financial literacy, these new Topic Centers will support and enhance your goals in these all-important STEAM areas. 

Counting and Place Value (PreK–2, 3–5)

Counting and Place Value Topic Center on Learn360

Set up your classroom for success this year and support your students’ place value skills with these fun ideas from the Counting and Place Value Topic Center.

Print out a Hundred Chart (Item #211366) for each student in your class. Cut the hundred charts into puzzle pieces and place the pieces into individual clear plastic bags. Challenge students to work with partners or in small groups to put the hundred charts together. Build teamwork while supporting numeracy skills with this engaging resource.

Reinforce students’ understanding of place value and skip counting with Skip Counting and Hundreds Chart: Common Core 4 Kids (Item #114878). Use the hundred charts printable and have students highlight the skip counting patterns in the videos. Practice counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s to support your students’ understanding of counting and place value.

Celebrate student understanding of place value and skip counting with Crossing Math Canyon (Item #110044). Encourage students to practice identifying multiples of 2s, 5s, and 10s with exciting and interactive games.

Subtraction (Grades 3–5)

Subtraction Topic Center on Learn360

Launch your math block and build your students’ mental flexibility and subtraction fluency with How to Add and Subtract Numbers in Your Head (Item #147706) from the Subtraction Topic Center. Model how to think and talk about mental math.

After viewing, put your students’ understanding into practice. Develop student math fact fluency with a daily subtraction practice. Use the Morning Math: Addition & Subtraction worksheets (Item #211317) to build a math fact fluency routine. Each day before starting your math block, set a timer for 30 seconds and task your students to complete the daily math list. After each day, fold the paper and challenge your students to beat their score from the day before. Remember to bring the conversation back to Number Talk and discuss how you add and subtract numbers in your head. 

Consider rewarding achievement gains with opportunities to play World Cup Math (Item #110029). Differentiate your classroom learning with this soccer-themed math game. Students advance in a math-based World Cup competition by defeating the opponent with their sharp addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division skills.

Multiplication (Grades 3–5)

Multiplication Topic Center on Learn360

Call it times tables, multiplication, or skip counting. Learning your math facts is a foundational aspect of developing student math confidence and fluency. Teaching multiplication provides an amazing opportunity to encourage student ownership. Use the resources in the Multiplication Topic Center to engage and inspire students. 

Print out the Multiplication Table (to 9s) (Item #211335) and create a multiplication Math tube. Cover a cylindrical potato chip container with the multiplication table, then use scissors and a plain sheet of paper to cover the table. Challenge your students to design the math tube to reveal the accurate math facts. Work in partners to practice and reinforce multiplication fluency.

Support kinesthetic learners by building opportunities for movement and song. Pair the multiplication math tube with Multiplication Rap and Hip Hop songs (Item #186648) from Twin Sisters. 

Differentiate for all learners with interactives such as Around the World (Item #110024). With printables paired with games, your students will have their multiplication facts memorized in no time!

Financial Literacy (Grades 3–5)

Financial Literacy Topic Center on Learn360

From writing checks to understanding cryptocurrency, the world of finance is rapidly changing. Help your students navigate the economic landscape with the Financial Literacy Topic Center. Launch your lessons with hands-on activities using items from The Mailbox® and connect learning with real-world experiences. 

Division (Grades 3–5, 6–8)

Division Topic Center on Learn360

Even if your students have been dividing up pizza slices all summer, they could probably use a refresher on their division skills. Explore the Division Topic Center and discover short engaging videos to take your students from one digit division all the way to word problems. Differentiate your students’ learning by reinforcing student learning with Short Division Using Written Methods (Item #147743) and extending student learning with interactive games such as Envision Division (Item #110003). Consider starting the school year with laughter and print out The Mailbox®’s Laugh Out Loud Potato Chip Can Game (Item #280601). Arrange your students in differentiated pairs, and let the giggles begin!

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