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Navigating Back-to-School Stress: Strategies for Teenagers’ Well-Being

Returning to school after the summer break can be stressful for some teens, especially when starting high school. While a little stress is normal, persistent feelings of anxiety and stress… read more →

Refresh Your Students’ Math Skills with Learn360’s STEAM Topic Centers

Over the summer months, many students tend to lose the achievement gains they made during the school year. Learn360’s new Topic Centers enhance discoverability and support educators in lesson planning…. read more →

4 Certifications That Will Grow Your Career

Many companies offer their employees career growth opportunities, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also make your own efforts to grow your career. Here are four of the best certifications… read more →

Plan Your Academic Year with the Issues & Controversies Databases

Are back-to-school preparations getting down to the wire? We at Infobase are happy to help. If you’re looking for resources to help teach critical-thinking skills and history for this year’s… read more →

Spark Conversation with Makematic’s DK Timelines

Did you know that George Washington never knew dinosaurs existed? George Washington died before dinosaur fossils were ever discovered. Whether you’re a librarian, teacher, or student, it can be challenging… read more →

Explore the Details of Your Changing World with World Geography & Culture

The world is in constant flux, with changing borders and major events—some of which don’t always make the headlines in the United States—reshaping nations on a daily basis. Plus, with… read more →

Take Your Young Patrons to Doggyland with Just for Kids!

“Mom, what day is it?” During the summer months, the days of week can blend together in an endless adventure of summer sun. For a kid, it can be glorious,… read more →

Understanding Junk Food: The Connection Between Processed Foods and Major Health Risks

High in calories and low in nutrients, junk food is unsuitable for our health, yet the taste and convenience of junk food often make eliminating it from our diet difficult…. read more →

Sing Along with Snoop Dogg—Doggyland Comes to Learn360!

Today is going to be an amazing day! I choose to feel happy! During the summer months, it can feel easy to fill our minds with positive affirmations. Infobase is… read more →

Explore Space with Infobase

“Tranquility Base, here. The Eagle has landed.”  On July 20, 1969, the first crewed mission to the moon landed in the moon’s Sea of Tranquility. In the United States, we… read more →

Help Students Master Math with Infobase

From turning on a light switch, to taking life-saving medicine, to making phone calls on computers small enough to fit in our pockets, we rely on technologies of all sorts… read more →

NOW AVAILABLE—The New Access Video On Demand Mobile App

Public librarians whose institutions subscribe to Access Video On Demand know that the streaming video service brings patrons exceptional content from around the world that they may never have had… read more →