Connect students, universities and employers with the experiences and solutions they need to build and sustain
college and career success

Drive better career outcomes for students, alumni, and career changers by offering upskilling and personalized experiences for students, university departments and employers.

Career exploration  planning, & assessment

Mentorship, virtual events, speaker series

Research, ratings and reviews

Upskilling opportunities including technology, social emotional learning, and college and career readiness

Marketing and branding, recruitment solutions, and training for employers

Bridge the Gap Between Education and Employment With Solutions that Connect Student, Universities, and Employers

Use data and analytics to drive student and employer success on the career engagement cloud.

Propel Student Success through a Learning Framework designed to reinforce retention.

Cultivate more meaningful interactions with students, alumni, and employers all from one career engagement platform.

Firsthand Career Engagement and Vault Law Platform

2+ Million Students and Alumni Engaged

10+ Years Serving Higher Education

100+ Institutional Clients Worldword

8M+ Total Users

  • Curated Student Experience / Expanded Student Engagement / Administrators Data and Analytics
  • Explore Career Planning and Internships with Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

A Firsthand Account of How High School Students Are Exploring Colleges and Careers

Explore Careers: expertly researched, detailed content—including video interviews—on more than 140 industries and more than 1,000 professions, with current information on earnings, employment trends, job requirements, and essential skills.
Plan Your Education: find the schools that are the best fit—choose from undergraduate, graduate, and vocational and tech schools in the U.S. and Canada, and narrow that list by location, enrollment, tuition, areas of study, and other characteristics.
Prepare for Your Career: expert advice articles and videos on writing résumés and cover letters, interviewing, networking, and other workplace topics. This section also includes helpful Career Tips videos that provide essential advice.
Find a Career: current, searchable, live job postings and internship or apprenticeship directories, advice articles, and videos. Directory records discuss the nature of the opportunity, requirements, where and how to apply, and more.
Enable, Train and Retraining Employees to Fill Skill Gaps and Meet the Demands of a Shifting Future

$4,425 – Average cost of hiring a new employee

$1,300 – Average cost of upskilling an employee

55% of this group acknowledges they need to learn new tech to remain competitive with their skill set

Reinforce Upskilling Today!
  • Digital innovations are shifting work
  • Employee expect daily learning opportunities –
    91% of Gen Z expect this
  • Training fuels motivation
  • Investing in current employees increases ROI


Aligned to core areas of interest, these free toolkits equip you and your institution with best practices, helpful tips and strategies, and more to help your