Critical Thinking & Information Literacy


Critical Thinking & Information Literacy

The rapid creation of new information for public consumption has made the need for information literacy mission critical.

Explore trustworthy, unbiased content that is easy and safe to use.

Based on years of working with hundreds of libraries, research into current best practices, and insight from our customers, we are passionate about information literacy, discussing curriculum, outreach, and especially student engagement.

Identify and diagnose media bias

Research best practices, information literacy, and digital citizenship

Easily integrated into any LMS environment with embedded code, links and LTI integration

Mind mapping, federated search, curated content and integrated assessment options

Examine all sides of an argument with content you can trust.

Building strong research and informational literacy skills begins with daily access to trusted resources.

There are many “unprecedented” things about the world today, and teaching news literacy in our current information environment is certainly one of them.

Listen to a special four-part workshop with expert Vanessa Otero, CEO of Ad Fontes Media. Develop proficiency and confidence evaluating any piece of information. The accompanying blog articles reinforce and elaborate on the material covered in each session.

This exclusive 4-Part Workshop includes these engaging sessions:

  • How to Evaluate Any News Content for Reliability and Bias
  • Strategies for Discussing Difficult Political Topics
  • Evaluating Conspiracy Theories and Meme-Based Misinformation
  • Strategies for Incorporating News Literacy into Any Curriculum and Being Confident in Evaluating News Content from Any Source

Infobase Critical thinking resources

Find everything you need to engage and inform students and other users and to help them think critically about their world:

  • Examine all sides of complicated issues while building critical thinkers
  • Expertly curated with intuitive organization offers students unclutter view of information and ability to learn how to practice respectful academic debate
  • Improved responsive design—optimized for computer, tablet, and mobile
Learn how to specifically use Issues & Controversies to advance critical-thinking and information literacy instruction in courses.
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